Subject I use Interbase (6, now 2007) to work. Can I try FB without uninstalling IB?
Author maduron
I use Interbase (6, now 2007) for my daily work. Can I try Firebird 2.1.3 without uninstalling IB?. I've read in the Firebird Quick Start Guide that Firebird 2 "..can also run concurrently with ... Interbase servers. Setting this up is not a beginner's task though.". That scares me 'cause I'm really very unexperienced and I usually freak out with tricky installations. I can't halt production right now because I'm in the middle of a yearly process. Eventually I'm almost certain I'll move to Firebird, but I would like to have hands on experience in advance, while I read Borrie's book.

Thanks for your help. Rolando