Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: hung on isc_commit_retaining
Author Aage Johansen
maverickthunder wrote:
Hi Dimitry,

Too see an example at home (using xp, I have a subset of the whole DB
with 65,000,000 rows and db size of 5 gb) and doing a query with SQL
Maestro for firebird:

Now I execute: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "Historico";

Most of the time fbserver.exe was consuming about 20% cpu time (no
other process except taskmgr consuming about 2%)

Result: After 5 minutes I dedided to cancel the query.

I don't know how to execute a PLAN query, but a single COUNT(*) takes
too much time.

COUNT needs to visit every record. Doing 65 million records in 5
minutes requires a speed of 200+ records every millisecond. Is this
a reasonable expectation?

Aage J.