Subject hung on isc_commit_retaining
Author Maverick Thunder

I have a database with a table that stores 2 little varchars, 1 timestamp and 5 double
values. It contains about 190,000,000 rows at db size is 18 gb.

I always have some performance problems including some simple select statements so I tried
to convert whole db to mysql to test performance.

All products (Full convert enterprise, easyfrom, etc) hang when they begin to convert
data, so I decided to make a little app to do the job.

When I run "SELECT * FROM table1", in my machine (XP) it tooks about 2 minutes to execute
the query before i can make the first fetch, but in Win Vista, app gets hung and also
Vista begin to function slowly until I terminate the process.

Making a trace in my app, I start a transaction, make the calls to prepare and
describe_sql, execute it and call "isc_commit_retaining" to preserve the transaction for
reuse. Well... at this point the app get locked (in vista) inside some ntdll stuff. Visual
Studio says that it may be deadlocked.

What should I do? Do fetches and call isc_rollback_retaining? Is always needed to start a

Best regards,

Mauro H. Leggieri