Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Warning during restore
Author Leyne, Sean

> I've installed FB 1.55 on a Win 2008 Server x64. This is a 32-bit app.
> FreeUDFLib.dll resides in the UDF folder. I stopped and restarted the FB
> service.
> Question: should the FreeUDFLib.dll (32-bit) work in this scenario? It
> doesn't appear to be as I'm still getting the warnings.

Have you checked you firebird.conf settings, to enable UDFs?

> 64-bit FB only appears to be available on the Linux platform. Is there a
> 64-bit version coming down the road? :-)

Not for v1.x,

Windows 64-bit builds were made starting with v2.0.

> But if
> FB is not 64-bit, I probably don't need this? (I can't see a 32-bit app
> loading/using a 64-bit .dll)


A 32bit EXE can only use 32bit DLL / 64bit EXE can only use 64bit DLL.