Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Confussion over passwords: Tells me my user name and password are not define
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi blizzard,

> Hmmm.. the way I understood it is that when a database is connected
> to using the firebird embedded driver, that database becomes locked
> to just 1 user - so 2 users cannot connect concurrently.

To be exact: it becomes locked for access by one *process*.

> Okay, so all we need to do is use the normal driver to connect to
> the remote DB, and the embedded to connect to the Local DB. So we
> would have to put both drivers in the same folder, under different
> names?

You don't need two drivers. The Embedded engine can connect to the
user's local db (which would then be locked against any other access)
and at the same time to one or more remote database (e.g. your central

To your central server, the connection coming from the customer is
"just another client". It doesn't matter if it comes from an Embedded
engine, or Classic, or Superserver, or from a Linux, Windows or Apple
box -- as long as the client speaks the right language the server can
talk to it.

Paul Vinkenoog