Subject Re: [firebird-support] Confussion over passwords: Tells me my user name and password are not defined
Author Paul Vinkenoog

> I set up a local database on my computer, and set the username and
> password.
> Now on another computer I installed Firebird, copied the gdb file,
> and when I try to open the database file using the same username and
> password, it tells me they are not defined.

That is correct. Users and passwords are defined on (and verified by)
the server, not the individual databases. The database only contains
user names to register who has access to which objects within the

So if you copy a db to another machine, you have to define a user with
the same name on that machine too. The password need not be the same.

BTW, the safe way to copy a database is to make a backup (using gbak
or another Firebird tool) on the source machine and restore it on the
target machine. If you make a simple file copy while the db is opened,
damage may occur.

Hope this helps,
Paul Vinkenoog