Subject Thanks a lot.
Author Vishal Tiwari
Hi Helen,
Making you my GURU (Teacher)!!!!!!!!!!! in SQL field. :)
The query runs with tremendous speed.
Query took only one second to execute for both the conditions i.e. for "not exists" and for "exists" too.
but i made one change in sub query, as follows:
 "Select A.var_EmpCode ....and continued same query"
instead of
"Select 1....and continued query"
Thank You very much.
I hope i will come up with one or two more queries. :)
Have A Nice Day.
Thanking You with Best Regards.
Vishal Tiwari....
Thanks alot for your focusing light on my darkness in SQL.
Ya, surely i should and i must accept that  i made a big mistake.
A Heartful thanks for showing me my mistake.
Obviously, i will never come up with such mistakes (so long as possible i will never).
Definitely you will be my second GURU (Teacher) in SQL field.
Thanks alot.
Have A Nice Day.
Vishal Tiwari....

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