Subject Re: fdb files location
Author vestrinang
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> >I'm using firebird for several months now.. I installed it on a CentOS box, from a rpm package. I'm successfully conecting from my Windows boxes, I managed quite complicated stuff in a database, but I cannot find the *.fdb file on my CentOS filesystem. There is no "mydb.fdb" file (assuming my database is named mydb, which I use in my connection strings) on the CentOS filesystem. Did an "updatedb" under root, then "locate *.fdb", "locate mydb", locate "mydb.fdb", etc, but no results (besides the examples.fdb and help.fdb files).
> >Where on earth is my fdb file?! The log files are not of any help on this issue.
> >I created my database in IBExpert, on the Windows client side, did not use iSQL + CREATE DATABASE on the CentOS console. In firebird.config, DatabaseAccess is set to the default (full I assume).
> What connection string do you use to connect from your Windows boxes?
> ./heLen
> (I have dns server running, also)

"locate" did not help me, even after "updatedb", but..
"find / -name 'mydb' -type f" did help me.
I found my file in the /tmp directory.. I understand that was the current directory (for the fbserver, I assume) at the time when the create database was sent, as long as I did not specify a path (and neither the extension).
I think that, for the newbie user, there should be a default "reasonable" location for the newly created databases, when no path is specified, for example a directory named ~firebird/databases
Also, IMHO, alongside with the default database directory, the default DatabaseAccess should not be full.
In order to move the database to a more suitable location, I suppose now I should back it up from the current location and restore it to my desired one.
Thank you very much for your timely responses :)