Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database files on a remote mapped drive development
Author Kjell Rilbe
Clarke, Thomas (UK) wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who helped me this :)
> I've got it working from my local machine. Now I just have to get it
> working from CD.
> ie. the dataset, the application and Firebird are on the CD.
> The trouble seems to be that I'm not able to make security2.fdb read
> only
> I'm using the line:
> C:\Firebird\bin\gfix.exe -mode "read_only" -user sysdba -password
> masterkey security2.fdb
> But getting the response
> no permission for direct access to security database
> Thomas Clarke

It might have been a good idea to say this right away: that the task is
to be able to ship a FB database on CD and be able to connect to it from
a client app. I think you would have received more adequate replies.

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