Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: isc_attach_database failed after yesterdays Fedora11 Firebird update...
Author Philippe Makowski
astrofacesresearcher [09-09-02 13.31] :
> mkdir /var/run/firebird
> chown = firebird:firebird
> chmod = 700 like haldaemon. should it be 644 like rpcuser?
The policy for files permission in packages has always been to use the most simplest
scheme (644 for non-executable, 755 for executables and directories) unless there is an
actual reason to use a different scheme.
so in the package it is set as 755 firebird:firebird

but the only requirement is that firebird user have write access into this directory

> Many Thanks!
you're welcome
and sorry for this bug in the previous package version