Subject Re: [firebird-support] UTF-8 columns in ISO8859_1 database
Author Milan Babuskov
Alec Swan wrote:
> We have a database where most of the table columns require ISO8859_1
> character set and a few require UTF-8. We set ISO8859_1 as the default
> database character set and specify UTF-8 character set only on those columns
> that require it. We also set the JDBC URL character set property to
> ISO8859_1.
> Are there any known problems with such configuration?

I'm not an expert in Java, but you will probably get transliteration
errors when you try to fetch UTF-8 character which do not exist in
ISO8859_1. It would be a better idea to use UTF-8 as connection
character set (i.e. in JDBC URL).

Milan Babuskov

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