Subject Re: [firebird-support]Index corruption
Author mnavahan
--- In, "Vlad Khorsun" <hvlad@...> wrote:
> > We have experienced out first database corruption from any of our customers
> > in 15 years of Interbase and Firebird!
> >
> > I would like some clues as to what may have caused it.
> >
> >
> >
> > FB 1.5.3, windows server 2003, superserver
> Read ReleaseNotes for 1.5.5 (and, better for 2.1.2) and seek how many
> index related error was fixed. Then ask yourself - why i still use 1.5.3 ???
> Without run of gfix -v -f it is impossible to said even which kind of corruption
> you encountered. Upgrade at least up to 1.5.5 ASAP and consider upgrade to
> 2.1...
> Regards,
> Vlad

Hi vlad

i have relay same problem about index in FB
finally decide migrate from firebird to postgresql or oracle(seems must)

1.if firebird must need grow to enterprise space first solve some background problem such ans index errors

2.if firebird don't support online change of dml then i think is not one *enterprise* RDBMS and is only one workgroup DB.....
if some action (such as change dml) in online DB is wrong FB must do raise error and dont do it.... but you think about change table A without any relation to table B ...doing some fault in B !
i dont understand why can not chnge table struct and add own field to table A when users only work with table B ?

i do up dramatically with postgresql in other project and have not *any* problem .....

accept reality sometimes HARD !