Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows Server 2003 vs Linux
Author Mark Rotteveel
Windows XP has a rate-limit on the number of TCP/IP connections that can be opened within a (sliding) time-period (I believe 10 per second). That limit does - AFAIK - not apply to Windows 2003 Server.

Because of the differences between 2003 Server and XP, this comparison, though interesting, does not tell anything about the performance on Windows Server editions.


> I ran an identical DB (about 1GB in size) on WinXP, WinXP Embedded and
> Ubuntu. The PC was a fanless 800MHz, 512M RAM, with a 60G 5400 RPM disk.
> Basically, it is an embedded PC for harsh environments. Generally, we have
> few connections that do dozens of inserts per second while running real-time
> calculations on energy consuption.
> I had timers on (almost) all transactions (there were a few exec SQL
> transactions that were not timed), and I got almost 30% better throughput on the
> Ubuntu system.
> I don't use Windows any more; we install fairly often on small platforms
> like the one mentioned and 30% bump on performance for $89 less money is a
> no-brainer.
> I have no comment on Win2003 Server (or anything since).

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