Subject error in **firebird.log** file
Author ivory intercode
Dear All,

I would like to ask why the **firebird.log** message appeared on my client's PC
The file's contain :

USER2 (Client) Thu Mar 26 10:27:41 2009
INET/INET_connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 11001

It was created after the client's CPU tried to connect to FB database
on computer server.

FYI, when I tried the same task on my office this message didn't create,
it runs well on WindowsXP Prof SP2 as server and Windows2000 Prof as client.

But when I deploy on WindowsXP SP2 as server and Windows XP Home as
client then this message always appear.
Should the problem caused by these OS configuration or there's some
wayout to eliminate this message ?

Many thanks before,