Subject Firebird 1.5 Database will not restore - What do I do?
Author SoftTech
Greetings All,

I last did a successful restore from my database back on 03/15/2009

Yesterday successful backup followed by a restore and the "Restored
Finished" dialog was displayed, but last several line looked like this:

gbak: restoring index REFDEBT1277
gbak: restoring index REFDEBT_FEE806
gbak: restoring index REFPAYMENT808
gbak: restoring index REFDEBT31
gbak: restoring index REFFEE_CODE587
gbak: restoring index REFCASE708
gbak: restoring index REFCLIENT_SITE707
gbak: restoring index REFDEBT709
gbak: restoring index FK_2
gbak: restoring index REFSTATE706
gbak: cannot commit index REFACCT_TRAN_TASK812
gbak: ERROR: violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "PK_ACCT_TRAN_DETAIL_TASK"
gbak: ERROR: action cancelled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity
gbak: ERROR: Cannot deactivate primary index
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

I have never had an issue like this before and am not sure where to look to
find the issue or what to do next.

This is a production database in use by 30 people and they have not had any
issues that we know of.

Is there a log file that may suggest what the above error means?

Can this issue be fixed? Are they compounding the problems if they continue
to enter and edit data in this database?

I use Database Workbench to develop this database. Does anyone know if it
has any means to repair a database or is there any products out there that
can check and fix this issue?

What should I do next as really do not have any idea how to proceed from

I would appreciate any guidance to resolve this issue.