Subject Re: [firebird-support] IS)8859_1 vs UNICODE_FSS
Author Milan Babuskov
Dixon Epperson wrote:
> I have an oder database (the server is that was designed in ISO8859_1. For this mobile app I'm working on, I need to use a client with Charset = Unicode_FSS.
> Do I need to convert the database to a Unicode charset? If so, How?

I'm not sure what exactly do you mean by "client", but it seems that you
don't need to convert, at least not for the data entered so far. All
ISO7759_1 characters can be transliterated to Unicode, so all you have
to do it change to connection character set.

However, if you have a need to insert new data, which is not ISO8859_1,
then you would need to convert your database.

To do the conversion, the simplest method is to create an empty database
with Unicode charset as default for all columns and copy the data to it.

Milan Babuskov