Subject Re: [firebird-support] Disable
Author Kirill Nesterenko
> First, with these limitations, why are you trying to set up Firebird --
> embedded or not -- in Program Files?
> If there is some non-obvious imperative to do that, then it's probably
> worth knowing that Firebird only tries to create firebird.log if it is not
> already present in its root directory, and it does so only the first time
> it wants to log something.
> So a trick would be to create it manually, as part of your installation
> routine. It might even be worth putting in a feature request in Tracker,
> to have the Windows installer do this automatically on Vista if Program
> Files is selected for the installation.

Hi Helen,

Personally I am fine with that - I am not using Vista ;)

My software uses embedded Firebird (fbclient.dll) and obviously it's
installed in the Program Files\.
That's why firebird.log appears there..

OK, I've found something - seems, this file is created only when "embedded
server" client library is used to connect to remote server. It will not be
created if "client" client library is in use.
I'd think that both client and embedded libraries should behave identically
when they used as clients?

> ./heLen