Subject Combination Firebird/Jaybird/Hibernate/Spring/JSF (e.g. ICEFaces) possible?
Author vincent_kwinsey

Is it possible to use Firebird with Java applications. I am looking on the Jaybird, but it has many unsupported features and I am really concerned whether those features that are in place are sufficienet enough to work under Hibernate and Spring? What is exeperience of other developers.

I have heard about JDBC type 4 driver for Firebird but as I understan it is the same Jaybird.

My experience has been that at the start of each try I had experienced no-supported exceptions, but from time to time I am going back and I am really willing to do some Java development with Firebird. Well - is it worth to spend time trying to develop the application useing the combination Firebird/Jaybird/Hibernate/Spring/JSF (e.g. ICEFaces)°?