Subject Re: Restore cant complete - halting with errors
Author eddressel
Every time I have had a restore problem,it has been with the data or the default values for a column.

Some examples where a backup will work but the restore will not:

1) if I have a field that is a Y/N char then change it to a 0/1, but don't update the values for the old records.

2) Have a char field with a check for it being 'T' or 'F' but the default value is assigned as '"T"'--the quotes around the 'T' will cause a problem.

3) Add a FK to a table after there is data but detail records that do not have a master record already exist.

These can be difficult to figure out.

What I did to work through it to work with a copy of the DB and start deleting records in the table causing problems.


Ed Dressel