Subject Corrupted backup?
Author dkeith2
I was receiving disconnects from my 2.1.2 rc1 classic install on Mandriva 2009 when I would run certain queries. I decided to backup up and restore the db and upgrade(?) to 2.5 Alpha 1 in the process. I backed up the db, uninstalled 2.1.2, installed 2.5, and attempted to restore the db.

The restored would never complete, I would get errors something like 'invalid string', etc. So I uninstalled 2.5, reinstalled 2.1, and tried the restore again. This time it restored everything except for procedures, which apparently occurs at the end of the restore process. As soon as it tried to restore the first proc, which is a select proc with no input params and a number of return params, it errored out and stopped the restore. Something about a malformed parameter.

The ods at time of backup was 11.1. Is there any way to fix the fbk file? Or is there any way skip parameter checking or otherwise skip the first proc restore, allowing the others to complete?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

David Keith