Subject About numeric data type to store Currency
Author svanderclock

my probleme :

i want to store currency in my database in Euro with 5 digit precision (ie i mean user can fill max of 5 digits precision for their currency).
i store also in separate field the rate for CurrToEuro and EuroToCurr

so when a user fill currency data in Rouble (for exemple), i convert it to Euro using RubToEuro field and store it in the database. When the user want to see his data back, i convert it back to Rub using the field EuroToRub

now, i must choose the datatype for
1/ the currency field
2/ the CurrToEuro and EuroToCurr field

i thing that max value than numeric can accept is NUMERIC(18,18)? but it's mean that i can store number like 123456789012345678.123456789012345678 in the field or only number like 0.123456789012345678 or 123456789012345678 ?

For now i store currency in the database in
and the CurrToEuro and EuroToCurr in NUMERIC(12,6)
the precision in both is clearly to little ! but i don't know what datatype to choose for best accurate

thank you by advance