Subject How threadsafe is firebird and its client library
Author gabrielsenkim

I'm programming a heavily threaded application on top Firebird. Sometimes it crashes when two or more threads accesses the database.

I now that it's not due to my program not being correctly syncronized.

My question is:

When i access FB (using IBPP) how should i synchonize this access? When i insert a lot of data using threads i discovered that synchronizing db access using a criticalsection (windows and c++) solves my crash problem.

But if i have to protect all my db access using critical sections it essentially serializes my db access.

Is it necessay to do this?

How does other people solve this problem?

I'm running superserver. will classic be any better?

Is IBPP thread safe (i know i should ask this question in the IBPP forum)?

I'm using FB 2.1.1 on windows 32 bit.

many questions i know :-)

thanx in advance

kim gabrielsen