Subject Fastest way to query tables and views and return no records.
Author esbreidenbach

I have a routine I use in my application which runs a separate query
on every table and view in the database. The purpose of these queries
is really just to obtain the field definitions of the underlying
table, not to return any actual data.

The routine uses the following generic SQL:

Select * from TableName/ViewName where 1 = 0;

My problem is that these queries can run very slowly on views which
are really meant to have additional where clause statements, and even
on tables with large numbers of records. The intention of the where
clause "where 1 = 0" was to eliminate any query activity, but it is
not working out this way.

Is there a query which I can execute that will run very fast (and
return no data), or any other ideas on how to do what I want?