Subject Re: Is there an active C# - FirebirdSQL group?
Author Dixon Epperson
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> Is there an active C# or .NET for FirebirdSQL group?
> I'm going to post my problem below, just in case this is the only
> place to find the answer.
> I have a stored procedure, written in FlameRobin 0.90, targets a
> FirebirdSQL
> the procedure works as designed when executed from FlameRobin.
> However, using the same parameter values, when executed from the C#
> app, I get this error:
> Dynamic SQL Error
> SQL error code = -206
> Column unknown
> No message for error code 336397208 found.
> End: 02/28/2009 03:20:58
> The case is the same, spelling is the same, and BARCODE is only the
> name of the input parameter for the sproc, it is not a name for
> column in the target tables.

I did find the list, but obviously since it was down, I did get much

However, I did find what the issue was, and I'm going to post my
answer here just incase some other poor sucker has the same problem I

I'm using VisualStudio2008. In VS2008 you have to prepend '@' to the
parameter name.

e.g. this causes an error when running
cmd.Parameters.Add("BCODE", FbDbType.VarChar, 20);

but this doesn't
cmd.Parameters.Add("@BCODE", FbDbType.VarChar, 20);

This is the exact reverse of what it is in VS 2005,