Subject Is there an active C# - FirebirdSQL group?
Author Dixon Epperson
Is there an active C# or .NET for FirebirdSQL group?

I'm going to post my problem below, just in case this is the only
place to find the answer.

I have a stored procedure, written in FlameRobin 0.90, targets a FirebirdSQL

the procedure works as designed when executed from FlameRobin.
However, using the same parameter values, when executed from the C#
app, I get this error:

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -206
Column unknown
No message for error code 336397208 found.
End: 02/28/2009 03:20:58

The case is the same, spelling is the same, and BARCODE is only the
name of the input parameter for the sproc, it is not a name for any
column in the target tables.