Subject Re: FB 2.1.1 "Error while trying to write to file" and "invalid argument"
Author ramiro.barreca
Any help for this topic?
Thanks in advance.


--- In, "ramiro.barreca"
<rbarreca@...> wrote:
> We have FB 2.1.1 on Open Suse 11
> There some errors in the firebird.log file that says:
> "I/O Error for file '/opt/......fdb'
> Error While trying to write to file
> Invalid argument"
> Nothing else.
> There is a lot of them and after several ones, there is an
> "...fbserver terminated abnormally (-1)" randomlly (almost 10 times a
> day).
> As an information that can help, there are some "read errno = 104"
> entries in the log, also.
> Any help to (at least) detect the source of the problem?
> Thanks in advance.