Subject Re: [firebird-support] Page header size
Author Ann W. Harrison
Douglas Tosi wrote:
> Hi!
> After reading this paper:
> (great stuff, thanks Ann!) I have a couple of questions.
> 1) What is the size of the Generic Page Header? I counted 16. Can you
> confirm this, please?

That's what I get counting on my fingers. You could look in
ods.h where page structures are defined. And that paper is
old - newer versions may have found uses for the eight bytes
looking for a purpose.

> 2) On the TIP, what is the size of the "next" field? As I understand
> this field is a pointer to another page. I assume it's 8 bytes.
> Correct?

4 bytes. Firebird databases are restricted to 2**32 pages per file,
which I once thought was absolutely retirement proof, given that pages
can be up to 16Kb. I'd better retire soon.