Subject gfix: "unavailable database" returned
Author Ed Dressel
I am trying to convert FB 1.5 a dialect 1 DB to 3. pretty simple:

gfix -user ... -pa ... -s 3 dbname

I did this fine on my test machine--now I am trying to do it on my server. But I can't--well, I can, but it returns the error "unavailable database".

I am logged into the server with remote desktop, running gfix from the command line on the server. There are no firewalls on the server.

I simplified it a bit and removed the user name and password, wanting to change the error, but it still tells me the db is not available.

I double checked (well, more than double) that the DB path name was correct (the path is eas, "D:\Databases\DBName.fdb");

I checked and the FB server is running.

Any ideas?

Ed Dressel