Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird database base crashing windows server
Author Daniel Rail

At December-28-09, 5:49 AM, Bob Acheson wrote:
>>I am having an error that says something about losing IP connection to the localhost.
> **** This is a Windows 2003 server. There are a few people running
> this application on terminal server and others are running it on
> their local machine. The database vendor tell me to fix the network
> drop-out. This issue has come up dozens of times and I only have one
> 5 second drop out recorded in the event log. In fact I actually
> replicated the error by installing new drivers and then running
> them. It did not drop me offline (through terminal server over the
> internet) but caused the never ending error screens to pop up.

Does the never ending error screens relate to losing the connection to
localhost? And, if it is related, then the application is trying to
connect to localhost(, which is not available in terminal

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