Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: firebird database base crashing windows server
Author Alan McDonald
> > No, I had NOD32 on it but about 3 months ago I reformatted the server
> and
> did not install it back on.
> >
> > But some of the machines connecting to it are running NOD32 and other
> ones
> are running AVG. I also had AVG on the
> > server but it picked up that a lot of the vetlink files were viruses
> and I
> uninstalled it. I check for viruses and
> > spyware all the time. There's bit-defender on it now. I am going to
> one AV
> when the licences are up in Mar/Apr.
> >
> > Bob
> I don't know if this vetlink thing needs port 3050 or some other port.
> Make
> sure the port it needs is open on both server and clients' firewalls/AV
> setups. The clients may need other ports if the system uses events.
> Again,
> you're best contactng vetlink for more information before we can help
> much
> more than this.
> I there a reason for not contacting them?
> Alan
> I have contacted them. They keep saying it's a network issue.
> My issue is that if the network connection drops, cool about put 1
> error window up, but on this server, it just keeps putting up windows
> til the server crashes, even though the server reconnected within 1/2
> second. Does Firebird do that normally... Also I think they are using
> FB version 1.5 .
> Bob

These error messages are no originating from the firebird server. They are
coming from the application. There appears no ability for the application to
stop what it is trying to do and wait, instead it keeps firing up.
10054 errors are sometimes associated with faulty NICs but sometimes also
with network disruption as you suggest. The pictures you sent suggest there
is more than one application/service running, and SMS service, a backup
service of some kind AND the application - I can't tell which is causing
these popups. The tital says 'background SMS' - what's that?
We can normally help an application developer sort out these sorts of issues
but with no real info on the applicatoin archtitecture, it's pretty hard to

When a TCP connection is broken between application and FB server, there is
no recovery normally, it's broken for good til you reconnect from another
process. It's possible for the server to not notice that the network is down
for a split second but in my experience a lost connection is fatal