Subject Re: max connection from one client to the server
Author svanderclock
no, in fact as you know, open a database connection is time intensive (especially on a classic version). so we must 'pool' them.

i have 2 databases, one for the session and tmp data (this database no need backup) and another with all the important data (that need backup and cache write ON)

in the application we setup max 20 connections / databases (so around 40 connections at all). that a good lever. BUT we run also the web server in "web farm" way (One w3p process by processor) so we have 8 processor = 8 process = 8 * 40 = 320 connections !

i say 500, because i discover that when i just restart the FB server (after an update for exemple), the SQL are slow to answer (i don't know why, the first time it's very slow, after it's fast... so probable the time that the cache read the data)... but in the same time, as soon as we open the webserver, hundreds (or thousands?) http query are waiting and are donne simultaneous. we have at this time 2 main problems
1/ lot of simultaneous connection at the same time
2/ the fact that at the begining the FB answer is slow to respond make the previous problem worse, making that all the 320 connections are imediatly used and more are need ... we go to 500 connections in my case

now i discover then when too much of connections, sometime everything crash in a strange way (i can even not connect to the server). so is it a problem somewhere ? i thing in the router ? someone is aware about such problems? what kind of router we need (if the probleme is here)


--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
> > Hello,
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> > if only one client (a web server) have more than 500 connections to the
> > server is it ok ? or their is some system limit somewhere ?
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> > thanks by advance
> > stephane
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> webserver? these connections are normally pooled by the driver. You may have
> 500 users on a website, but this may only be resulting in very few
> simultaneous connections. Remember that pages are deliverved in the context
> of a connection, once delivered the connection is surrendered to the driver.
> To get 500 simultaneous connections you would need something like 5,000
> simultaneous users of the website. They just do not all hit links at the
> same millisecond.
> Alan