Subject Connecting W-98->XP
After a frustrating 6 hrs and before resorting to my ultimate
fix-it tool (a 3 lb. cross peen machinist hammer) I am posting
this on the hope some kind soul will review it and see and
relate what has to be? an easy solution to the problem:

Conditions: 3 cpu's (2) running W98, (1) XP;
all relevant folders set to sharing including entire C:
drive on the XP; All *.fdb files CREATE/CONNECT using ISQL
(Flame Robin gives same results tho); SQL connect using TCP/IP connection strings (per manual);

Results: CREATE using 'localhost' on XP works but CONNECT from
W98 fails unknown Win32 error 10060 (and sometimes error 10061);
CONNECT to a *fdb database from XP to W98 works; CONNECT
W98 <--> W98 has been working fine for *.fdb databases tho.

Other Observations that might help narrowing solution: Copy files
from W98 to XP initiated on W98 fails but Copy files from W98 to
XP initiated on XP works; Creating DBF file on XP works, can
read but not update from W98 and creating DBF file from W98 on
XP fails (error: access denied). At this point it seems like
some hidden, secret issue on XP itself prohibiting writes,
HOWEVER . . . MS Project running on W98 can open/update/save
.MP files on XP as can Open Office and AutoCAD. So there has to be
more too it since some programs can read/write from W98 to XP.

I am hoping someone reading the above will have the light bulb
go off and relate what I am obviously missing.

Thank you so much - I really like Firebird and appreciate the
work that has been put into it.