Subject Re: Strange error in FB CS 2.1.3
Author jegazarco
> I'm pretty sure that what you are encountering is not a "strange error" but a genuine exception relating to triggers on the table your procedure wants to update. Fb 1 and Interbase had a bug that has been fixed from Fb 2 onwards. That is, it is illogical to attempt to update a field in an After trigger. Whereas Firebird 1.0 and InterBase simply ignored it, Fb 1.5 issued a warning (which many developers just ignored) and Fb 2-onwards (correctly) issue the exception that you see.
> So look at your triggers and fix them.
> ./heLen

This is very complicated. I have 3000 triggers in my app, and a lot of triggers updates tables that has trigers that update tables.....

From my app, simply opening a table, using IBX, raises an exception, i think that's when preparing the update of that table.

May be useful with this new restriction, showing in the message what table/trigger is involved.

I continue searching..