Subject utf8 and isql script
Author Peter Lee
We are developing an application in Qt, which we plan to translate at
some point. Our strings are generally all QString, which is unicode.

We are creating our database with varchar fields being UTF8. We have
some scripts that we use for generating our database and are having
problems with insertion of certain characters. We primarily work on
English Windows and Mac systems.

We have placed a 'SET NAMES WIN1252;' at the beginning of our isql
script, which has 'fixed' our issues with 'malformed string'. However,
when inserting strings such as 'più' - we don't get an error, but in our
db utility (IBExpert) it shows this;

Plain Text - più
Unicode - più

The characters look fine in our text editor, we assumed that by setting
the charset for the connection that they'd get translated to UTF8
correctly upon insertion? Can anybody help?


Peter Lee

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