Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Classic Server or Super-Server, how to tell which is being used?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:41 PM 18/12/2009, you wrote:
>OK, I now know to look for fbserver.exe (and potentially fbguardian.exe)


>for Super-Server installations and look for fb_inet_server for Classic Server installations.


>It also seems that I can't "switch" between the two without installing Firebird twice (the second time manually). Am I on the right track?

Yes. You can do it manually, using the zip kit...with both the fbguard and fbserver.exe services shut down, of course! Rename both of those executables to sthing like ~fbserver.exe and ~fbguard.exe, or move them out, before copying the files in for Classic.
You'll have to uninstall/reinstall the respective services using the instsvc.exe app (in the /bin folder, read the help for it by just typing instsvc while in there and pick up the txt documentation for it in the \doc folder).
However, it is dead easy and much less mucking about just to uninstall Firebird using Add/Remove Software and then run the Firebird installer again.You'll probably have to reboot at least once if there's a fbclient dll loaded.

The uninstall/reinstall should respect your existing aliases.conf and firebird.conf. Shift your security database temporarily if you care about it. Before you recommence using Classic, make sure you have the page cache configured for something in the range of 50-150 pages, depending on your page size and the amount of RAM you have.

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