Subject Re: Firebird stop responding
Author mivi71dk
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
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> > And we just have another situation, where the server stopped
> > responding.
> >
> > some 110 connections. And noone could do anything or connect or
> > disconnect from the server
> >
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> 110 user sessions? or connections? How did you get to see this number?

I have made a little program, that retrieves connected users.
Just in this face with all the problems.

It puts the users in a memo field and counts them
This program also stopped, but the last retrieval was 110.

> And you haven't responded to the port range Vs TCP stack limit question.

No - Im waiting for my colleque to come in.
Here was up all night doing a backup/restore cycle and therefor he is not in yet.

My colleque also knows of some linux command to see connections, which I do not.

I will be back with an answer.

> Alan