Subject RE: [firebird-support] Performance of events
Author Alan McDonald
> I came up with that idea, too, but there's one fundamental problem I
> couldn't solve:
> How are entries from this event-list removed? I see no way to
> recognized
> that nobody is interested in this event anymore.
> Additionally, it increases round-trips, because the client has to query
> the
> server for more information before processing the event. On the other
> hand,
> this does not feel so bad when you look at what you can gain.
> > Further they react on events with a
> > random delay to prevent huge pileups at port 3050...
> >
> I see, that's probably a good idea.
> Daniel

I also frequently UnregisterEvents while the user is off doing other things.
They will get the new list under normal actions in many cases. I then
registerEvents again when they are in focus.
I UnRegisterEvents while I am committing transactions
There are quite a lot of places where I Unregister then do tings and then
register again. Thius all takes the load off and doesn't stop the user from
getting the info when they return to certain positions.