Subject Performance of events
Author Daniel Albuschat

I'm currently widely adopting the usage of events to realize a live
update on all clients when data has been changed from another client.
Does anybody have experience with posting and registering for a lot of
events and it's impacts?
The current usage of event is one posted event every few seconds, with
at least one to five clients listening for that event. That's not much
and I am planning to add much more "event-traffic", but I've noticed
that fbserver utilized the CPU to 100% today and yesterday and I'm not
sure, why. Are events something meant to be used rarely, or is
something like 10 posted events per second with 100 different clients
listening to potentially hundreds of events per connection feasible?
Could it potentially slow down the server because of dificulties
regarding transaction isolation?

Any hint, suggestion or experience would be highly appreciated.


Daniel Albuschat

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