Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance of events
Author John vd Waeter
> On the other hand, I have the feeling that events are a feature that don't
> receive much love from the developers.
> Perhaps some dev might be able to tell us more.
> Daniel

That I can imagine... one problem with events is the difference between
Classic and Superserver regarding the use of ports.
Secondly lots of configuration-questions arise when firewall(s) are
between client and server.
And as a third: What do you do when you hit the lightswitch in your room
and the lights do not light? Yes, you toggle the switch a couple of
times and come to the conclusion that the bulb is probably broke, or
there is no power, or wahtever.

Howto anticipate an event-notification that does NOT arrive at the
client? How would the client know that an event has taken place
unnoticed? AFAIK the server doesn't care if the sent event never reached
the client.

I use events as much as I can, it's a great thing to be informed by the
server that something interesting has happened. But inside the trigger I
also write an event-table with some info about the cause of the event
and concerning record-id's. This eventtable has a generated id of its
own, and my clients allways check periodically if no events where missed
(by comparing the last read ID). Further they react on events with a
random delay to prevent huge pileups at port 3050...