Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 RC1 64-bit: missing 32-bit client
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:30 AM 12/12/2009, you wrote:
>I installed FB2.5RC1 on Vista Ultimate 64-bit from the zip file (so as not to disturb my production/development 2.1.3 64-bit installation), and to run a second FB service on a different port.
>I discovered that (as expected) the bin folder contained the 64-bit dll, and that the WOW64 folder with the 32-bit dll was not there.
>I downloaded the 32-bit zip file to get the 32-bit client, so I have everything working now. I just wanted to make sure that future 64-bit manual mode zip kits have 32-bit dll included as well.

The installer version installs the 32-bit client in WOW64. The zip kit is not an installer: it has the components necessary for a manual install on a 64-bit *server*.

If you want a 32-bit client otherwise, get it from the 32-bit zip kit.

>And thanks for an awesome new version! I look forward to the next RC.

It would be appreciated if you would follow the list rules and use firebird-devel for your problems with betas.

^ heLen ^