Subject backup FAT32 restore NTFS
Author philippe.desolme
Hello every body,

I would like to migrate a firebird database (WI-V1.5.0.3815 Firebird
> 1.5 Release Candidate 6) I can't upgrade this version, the publisher doesn't want.

The OS's system file of the old server is FAT32 and the new server is NTFS.

To backup, I try:
c:\firebird\bin\gbak -t -PAS GTI -USER GTI localhost:c:\firebird\bin\gti.fdb d:\sauvegarde\archive.bkp

To restore, I try
d:\firebird\bin\gbak -r -pas GTI -user GTI d:\sauvegarde\archive.bkp d:\firebird\bin\archive.fdb

It doesn't work.

An idea?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Philippe from France