Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for big projects
Author Milan Babuskov
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>> Michael, it seems that if you use FB 2.05 (or newer) you are safe to
>> kill the process (at last in linux).
> Although it is safe to kill FB CS processes, the correct method for "killing" user connections/statements is, now, via operations on the MON$Attachments table.
> For more details please refer to the FB v2.1 release notes.

AFAICT, you cannot detach user connection via MON$ATTACHMENTS with FB
2.1, and documentation recommends that kill should be used.

You can kill the statement via MON$STATEMENTS, but that's just one part
of the story.

Are maybe you are referring to FB 2.5?

Milan Babuskov

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