Subject Recovering a database using Firebird-tools
Author Daniel Albuschat

we recently had two customers with corrupted databases after
power-outages. As it turned out, our database had forced writes
disabled. (I don't know why or how this happened, but we'll fix that
in future updates)
However, because the databases were corrupt, we had to try to fix
them. Because we never had a corrupted database before (working with
Firebird for more than 7 years now with many small to large
installations), I was inexperienced with fixing Firebird's
I wrote up a blog-post about recovering a database, but I'm not 100%
certain that every detail is correct and it's the best way I am
describing. So I'd be glad if someone experienced could do a short
proof-reading of the post. (Any remarks and corrections should be sent
to the mailing-list so that the Firebird-community can benefit from

Here's the post:

I'm especially interested in:
- Are there more reasons for a database-file to get corrupted?
- What exactly does gfix do using the -f -v and the -mend parameters?
- Is there more than enabling Forced Writes to make a database robust
against power-outages, etc.?


Daniel Albuschat

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