Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for big projects
Author Michael Weissenbacher
Hi Carlos!
> way to do that. "Killing" all the FB process is not recommended, since
> it may corrupt the database. Fortunately, FB 2.5 will allow to
> terminate connections using the MON$ tables.
Can you elaborate? We've been running classic exclusively for years, often
using kill to stop open connections and we never had a single corruption. I
was under the impression that this is the standard way to "kick" users.
Classic has shown to be up to 2x faster than SS in our environment. I see it
as a big plus for classic being able to kill single processes that are eating
all resources (ie runaway queries) without needing to shutdown the whole
firebird server. I am pretty sure i have read somewhere that killing
fb_inet_server processes under classic should never have any ill-effects since
it was designed for that "use case".