Subject Re: Firebird for big projects
Author venussoftop
Carlos, thanks for the info.

--- In, "Carlos H. Cantu" <listas@...> wrote:
> I would not generalize and say that CS needs daily DBA. If CS is
> correctly installed and configured, it probably will run fine for
> months/years, without any changes, as SS does. So, maybe what you need
> is an DBA/expert just for the initial installation/configuration, and
> maybe some tune-ups when the running environment suffers some
> expressive change (like bunch of new terminals being added, etc).
> Personally speaking, one of the "drawbacks" of classic for me today is
> that you can't easily "kick" all the connected people out. With SS,
> you can just shutdown Firebird and all connections will be ended. With
> Classic, as each connection has its own FB process, you do not have a
> way to do that. "Killing" all the FB process is not recommended, since
> it may corrupt the database. Fortunately, FB 2.5 will allow to
> terminate connections using the MON$ tables.
> Carlos
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> v> That rules out Classic for me :)
> v> Seriously, I think I will have to keep using SS because I address
> v> small businesses thus in all probability no onsite DBA.
> v> Thanks Dimitry.
> v> --- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@> wrote:
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> >> > I too get FB to install SS, though I must say I have microscopic database in reference to the OP's requirement. Should I too start using Classic? If so then why is SS the default installation?
> >>
> >> Using Classic Server requires DBA with more brain than Super Server.
> >>
> >> SY, SD.