Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for big projects
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Classic server has more "details" that should be considered than
SuperServer, Many of this details are not so obvious, specially
because, as SS, Classic also will run right after installation. BUT,
problems may start rising depending on the number of simultaneous
connections, available RAM, buffer size, volume of writings, etc.
Also, there are hidden aspects that should be known by any person
planning to use CS in the right way, and want to avoid future

Some of the problems you may face were already pointed previously by
other people. If you want to go even deeper about CS aspects, I really
suggest taking a look at the <Promotion> "Firebird Performance in Detail" video from
Dmitry Yemanov (check link below)</Promotion>.

Firebird Performance in Detail - -

NC> So classic server is not for customers without IT staff ? I was wondering
NC> if performance is similar or what benefits there are ? (Sorry if this
NC> question was already asked and answered before)
NC> Thx
NC> N.