Subject Re: [firebird-support] Classic vs SS
Author Ann W. Harrison
>> Sometimes the CPU is at 100%. And if I remember correctly, the SS isn't able to use more than 1 CPUs whereas classic will be able to use both.
> This is true for Windows, but I'm not sure about Linux. It is quite
> possible that Linux kernel can spread threads on different CPUs.

The problem isn't that Windows can't run threads on different
processors; it can. The problem is that the SuperServer threading
model doesn't allow two threads to run at the same time - well,
it's a way to avoid conflicts on shared internal structures, I
guess. The problem on Windows is that the operating system wants
to spread the load among processors, so it swaps the process from
core to core. The swapping is inefficient and ineffective, so
SS works better on Windows when tied to a single processor. But
in either environment, only one thread runs at a time.

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