Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Raid 0 or not ?
Author Milan Babuskov
Kjell Rilbe wrote:
> I wonder, am I missing something? In general you don't hesitate to put
> single-disk systems in production environments. Is RAID0 more prone to
> crashes than a single disk?

Of course. If probability to have a hardware problem with one disk is X,
then probability to have problem with two disks is 2X.

> In other words, if I feel quite at ease with a single disk,
> should I really worry a lot about a 2-disk RAID0 system?

With a proper backup strategy, no. However, nice thing about RAID1 is
robustness. If one of the disks fail, your customer's system is still
operational, and you have enough time to replace it instead of having to
drive to their data center in the middle of the night, for example.

And you can then activate a new disk in mirror without having to pull
stuff from backup and risk that you missed some part of the setup.

IMHO, RAID1 is just like Firebird: good for people who like to sleep at
night. :)

Milan Babuskov

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