Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Raid 0 or not ?
Author ionutz gorea
Reading all the posts for this topic regarding data security with RAID, I can conclude I'm the unluckiest person from this list: on a RAID 5 with 3 HDD online and one as a hotspare what do you do when the RAID controller stops working?....replace it with a similar one?..not possible due to the unique internal checksum......get the data or parts of it from the hardisks?...impossible to do that for any type of RAID except maybe the mirroring one. And the RAID controller wasn't a cheap one. Fortunately for me I had nightly back-ups and I was able to restore the data in the previous day state.
My advice is ALWAYS set up a back-up system on a different machine, don't fully trust the RAID.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Raid 0 or not ?

> Is RAID0 more prone to crashes than a single disk?

yes, because you have 2 disks, and if only one crash you lost all your data ! but in 15 year of computer enginering i never see any disk crashed (just encoutered bad sector but never disk that fully crash) !

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> Leyne, Sean wrote:
> > > For a Database of 20 GB, regarding the speed, is it better to use RAID
> > > 0 or not ? I read that read 0 is twice more faster BUT is it true when
> > > we speak about only one file (the .GDB) ?
> >
> > RAID 0 is a little faster than RAID 1 when it comes to read performance.
> >
> > However, but the reliability/ resiliency which RAID 1 provides makes it
> > "illogical" (read: DO NOT DO IT!!!!) to use RAID 0 for any production
> > purposes.
> I wonder, am I missing something? In general you don't hesitate to put
> single-disk systems in production environments. Is RAID0 more prone to
> crashes than a single disk? Obviously, the expected MTBF for a set of
> two disks is shorter than just one of them, but is it really *that* much
> shorter? In other words, if I feel quite at ease with a single disk,
> should I really worry a lot about a 2-disk RAID0 system?
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