Subject Re: Data Lost...
Author gsndelphicoder
--- In, "Hans" <hhoogstraat@...> wrote:
> In Windows, depending on hard drive(s) configuration,
> the properperties of the harddrive driver(s) may show
> the option under Policies:
> * Enable wrtite caching on the disk
> This setting enables write caching to improve disk performance
> but a power outage or equipment failure might result in data loss
> or corruption,

This was the case. The tablet company will get an earful for this. I assume that they configured the tablet this way to increase performance and possible save battery life. Thing is though that they did not have the power settings configured properly to gracefully hibernate or stand by at a pre-set battery level. That's a pretty dangerous config for a portable PC dependent on battery power. I'm guessing that even with all the inspections e performed that day there was still not enough data to warrant the disk cache to commit the data to the HDD?

I don't guess there is any way to retrieve that data either?

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